Black Dog Names: 200+ Best Names For A Black Dog

Have you just welcomed a new puppy to your home, and you’re still not sure what to name it?

Naming a dog is difficult. It took me nearly two weeks to settle on a name for my black lab, so I’m speaking from experience. I wanted to pick a name that would embody her personality and wouldn’t cause confusion at the dog park.

The sooner you name your puppy, the sooner she will be able to respond to you. But it’s hard to choose a name for someone when you’ve only known them a week or two because it’s hard to determine how much it will reflect her reality in the future.

Giving your name a puppy that’s inspired by his or her appearance is a good way to pick a name sooner. Also, don’t be scared to use a bit of humor!

black dog names

Black Dog Names: Tips For Choosing The Right Name

  • Don’t worry about whether the perceived gender of a word matches your puppy’s sex. For example, Blackbeard might suit your female, and Diva might suit your male.
  • Remember that your dog will most likely live up to his or her name. Trust me, my friend had a dog named Havoc. He totally lived up to his name.
  • ​To avoid calling your dog by a name you will regret, don’t pick anything controversial, even if you think it’s funny.
  • ​Likewise, remember that you will have to say your dog’s name in front of other people, including your vet, your family and passersby.
  • If you have more than one pet, make sure the one you choose for your new puppy sounds different or you will have issues getting their attention in the future.
  • If the name you settle on is long, find a nickname so that it doesn’t take long to call his/her name or give him/her commands.

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Best Names For A Black Dog

black dog names

Here is a list of names that might suit your black dog. Choose wisely and have fun!

Names Meaning
Ace ie. Ace of black spades
Angel Ironic name
Anise Food/drink
Anisette Food/drink
Anubis Ancient Egyptian god of the afterlife
Apollo Greek and Roman god of music, truth and healing
Argos The name of Ulysses’ loyal canine companion
Ash ie. burnt ash
Asphalt The dark material used to lay down roads
Atticus ie. Atticus Finch the lawyer from To Kill a Mockingbird; Latin name meaning ‘classic, elegant.’
Aubergine Nicer word for egg plant
Avalon Mystical island from the Arthurian Legend
Babar Babar the Elephant
Baccara ie. Black Baccara Rose
Balto Legendary and heroic black dog
Barbecue Food/drink
Barkly For the yappy pup
Beetle Dark animal
Birdie Dark animal
Black bean Food/drink
Black beauty Fictional horse
Black Mamba Venomous snake from sub-Saharan Africa
Blackbeard Legendary pirate
Blackjack Card game
Blizzard Ironic name
Bo The name of the Obama family’s black dog
Bobby ie. Greyfriars Bobby the Skye Terrier
Bolero Classical musician
Bootsy ie. Bootsy Collins, or if your dog has patterned paws
Buffy ie. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Bug Dark animal
Bullet For the fast black dog
Cabernet Dark red wine
Cadbury Chocolate brand
Casper The friendly ghost
Chablis Dark red wine
Chaos For your mischievous pup
Chaplin ie. Charlie Chaplin
Charcoal Dark as charcoal
Cherry ie. Dark cherries
Chips ie. Chocolate chips
Cu Dhub Black dog’ in gaelic, also a brand of dark whiskey
Coco Dark chocolate
Cola Food/drink
Colbie Black as coal
Comet Dark and cosmic
Cosmo Dark and cosmic, also a type of black flower, ie. Chocolate Cosmos
Currant ie. Black currant (fruit/berry)
Dahlia ie. Black Dahlia (flower)
Dante Dante’s Inferno
Darko ie. Donnie Darko
Darth ie. Darth Vader (Star Wars)
Dawn When the sun comes up
Daylight Ironic name
Dewey ie. Dewey Decimal (especially if your dog is blind)
Diva Theatrical talent
Django ie. Django Unchained
Dolce Sweet’ in Italian
Domino Good for a dog with spots
Drooler If your dog is a loogie machine
Dugan Black haired’ in Celtic
Duncan Black warrior
Dusk When the sun goes down
Dusty Dark dust
Echo Yappy puppy?
Eclipse Cosmic
Eightball The black ball in billiards
Elderberry A type of dark berry. When your dog is old, you can call him ‘elder’
Enigma Dark and mysterious
Espresso Food/drink
Fella A name for your good friend
Flint To spark a fire
Fluffy Harry Potter reference
Forest Dark and mysterious
Frosty Ironic name
Gandalf ie. Lord of The Rings
Ginger Ironic name, Food/drink
Goldie Ironic name
Graphite Dark and mysterious
Guinness Food/drink
Hades Greek god of the underworld
Hannibal Bad guy from Silence of The Lambs
Havoc For your mischievous pup
Hellebore Type of dark flower
Hendrix ie. Jimmy Hendrix
Icarus The creator of the Labyrinth in Greek mythology
Indigo Dark blue
Inky ie. Pac-Man, or ink splotch
Iris Iris ‘Before the Storm’
Jack Blackjack
Jaguar Black cat
Jinx Dark and mysterious
Junco Type of black bird
Juno Cosmic
Kellogg Food/drink
Kit-Kat Food/drink
Kuma Japanese word for ‘bear’
Kuro Japanese word for ‘black’
Lightening Dark and mysterious
Lily Chocolate lily flower
Luna The moon
Mamba ie. Black mamba
Manson ie. Charles Manson, Marilyn Manson
Marmite Food/drink
Marshmallow Ironic name
Martin ie. Martin Luther King
Matisse Painter known for his use of black
Maverick unorthodox’
Mavro A type of dark red grape from Cyprus
Mayhem For your mischievous pup
Merlin ie. The wizard
Micky ie. Micky Mouse
Mocha Food/drink
Morticia Character from The Addams Family
Muffin Food/drink
Murkrow Black Pokémon
Mystery Dark and mysterious
Nebbiolo Dark red wine
Nefertiti Ancient Egyptian queen
Nero Roman Emperor from 54 to 68 AD
Nightmare For your mischievous pup
Ninja For your warrior doggie
Nugget Ironic name, ie. golden nugget
Obsidian Dark, naturally occurring volcanic glass
Omen Dark and mysterious
Onyx Black stone
Opal White stone
Oreo Good for a black and white dog
Panda Good for a black and white dog
Pantera Spanish word for ‘panther’
Panther Dark cat
Pearl ie. Black pearl
Pepper Food/drink
Pepsi Food/drink
Periwinkle Ironic name
Petunia Type of flower, ie. Black Petunia
Phantom Dark and mysterious
Pierrot Legendary pantomime
Pippi Swedish fictional rebel and role model
Poochyena Pokémon dark hyena canine hybrid
Predator For your fierce pup
Pursy For a fat pup
Quixote Character from Spanish novel, ie. Don Quixote
Raven Type of black bird
Reaper ie. Grim Reaper
Relic Dark and mysterious
Resin Sticky tree sap
Rex Name of Reagan family’s dog and character from Babe
Riddle Dark and mysterious
Ringo Drummer from The Beatles
Rocket For the fast black dog
Roscoe Classic dog name
Rosie Black rose
Rover Classic name
Sambuca Anise liqueur
Sandy Ironic name
Scorpion Dark animal
Shadow Does your black dog follow you everywhere?
Sheba Biblical: Queen of the kingdom of Sheba
Shiraz Dark red wine
Shocker For your mischievous pup
Shwarz Old High German name for ‘dark, black’
Sigmund ie. Sigmund Freud
Sinbad Legendary pirate
Sir Loin Food/drink
Smoky Dark and mysterious
Snape Harry Potter reference
Snoopy Everyone’s favorite cartoon pup
Snorlax Pokémon character
Snowball Ironic name
Sooty Like dark soot
Spade ie. Ace of black spades
Spazzy For a spastic pup
Spirit Ironic name, mysterious
Spock Star Trek reference
Spooky Dark and mysterious
Stormy Dark and mysterious
Sunny Ironic name
Tangela Dark Pokémon character
Tara Hindi word for ‘star’
Tchaikovsky Russian classical composer, created ‘Swan Lake’
Tinkerbell Ironic name
Torrent Dark and mysterious and cosmic
Toto Black dog from The Wizard of Oz
Tuvok Star Trek reference
Tux ie. Black tuxedo
Umbra Dark and cosmic
Umbreon Black Pokémon character
Ursula Evil sea woman from The Little Mermade
Vader ie. Darth Vader (Star Wars)
Velvet ie. Black velvet
Venus Cosmic
Verruca Type of wart/character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Wednesday Character from The Addams Family
Winfrey ie. Oprah Winfrey
Wolfie Cute name for your wolf-like pup
Xray Dark and mysterious
Zappa ie. Frank Zappa
Zinfandel Type of red wine
Zwart Middle Dutch word for ‘dark, black’

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